Our Promise to You

Fire-fly Performance Inc. is a creative company who actively supports your unique individual expression.

We actively strive to find the most wanted and unique creative aerial dance products on the market. We understand that quality needs to be the best it can as you are investing in safety for your aerial experience.

As we continue to progress and understand the importance of being active and fit, we are looking to add in some fun and creative self-expression. So some of the best and most appealing workouts have come into being for more of a mass market.

We can look to Aerial Yoga, which takes some of the best yoga stretches and makes them more maneuverable. Aerial Yoga also includes inversion therapy which allows for decompression of the spine. 

Aerial Lyra (hoop) has some of the best creative dancers. Not only is this form of dance a real workout but, it is a beautiful fluid movement on a hoop that is suspended in the air. Lyra allows the dancer to work on flexibility and core strength all while expressing a creative flair.

Lastly, we can find self-expression through rope art suspensions, also known as Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage). Many artists use this method to bring art and human form to life. This becomes self-expression of the artist by a willing subject (the person being bound). Most common in this kind of art form, you will see it being done on stage or for photography. 

We are so pleased to bring our flagship product to the market. Our Fire-fly Suspension Unit that is designed with quality materials and skilled craftsman, in Canada. This unit can accommodate so many types of aerial suspension options for performers to personal home workouts. The team of Fire-fly Performance Inc will always encourage new and innovative ways to use our suspension unit, with responsibility in mind.

Our primary concern to you, our customers, is to provide a great experience to you, whether shopping, using the product, or helping you with answers to questions. We want you to be confident that you will be buying a quality, well-tested product. So your focus can be on you.

Our Promise to You:

At Fire-fly Performance Inc we are dedicated to providing the safest, most portable and affordable products possible.

Thank you,

Fire-fly Performance Inc. Team





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