Our standard daisy chains have a total strength rating of 5000lbs but each individual loop is rated for 3000lbs. We recommend these daisy chains for yoga hammock rigging only - NOT aerial arts performance that will have dynamic drops.


We do offer our HIGH STRENGTH daisy chains which are individual loops and EACH loop is rated for 5000lbs. These are recommended if you are planning on high ceiling yoga hammocks, or any aerial arts types of apparatus

Both daisy chain designs are made from 19mm nylon webbing these chains allow for multiple carabiner heights without re-tying knots or moving rig points.

They measure just under four feet long and have nine different carabiner adjustment options. They are exceptionally easy to use and very helpful when setting up a hammock which needs easy height adjustment.

Fire-fly Daisy Chains

SKU: FF-Daisy
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