The Fire-fly Suspension Unit  Entenders are ment to not only make the unit tall but widen it as well. Recommended that the Fire-fly Extension pieces only be used with Fire-fly Suspension units. Not reccomended for use with extender to extender use. Must be anchored to the leg and upper leg and crown poles. You can not use extender to extender. 


Please Note:  That the the foot measurement is how tall the unit can be for 2 sets of extenders are used. For an inner height of 9 Feet you would need to order 2 sets of the 9 foot extenders. Same with the 12 Foot Extenders, for an intter hard point that is 12 Feet in the air you would need to order 2 sets of 12 Foot extenders,


3 pieces/set.

Fire-fly Suspension Unit Extenders

SKU: FF-Shortie3
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