We Are Canadian!

Yes that is right; the Fire-fly Suspension Unit is made in Canada. Many people have questioned why the price of the Fire-fly Suspension Unit is so high compared to its predecessor or other similar suspension rigs on the market. The answer is, it’s made in Canada.

We have a manufacturer that is based in Airdrie, Alberta. Everyone I mention his name to says, “He’s been around forever!” That’s awesome news for us; it means they are a great company that can stand the test of time. I can also tell you that they have been a valued part of the creation of the Fire-fly Suspension Unit.

Without all their dedication, innovative and creative staff, we would not have the design we have today. Not to mention, that is absolutely the cleanest fabrication shop I have ever been in.

Our manufacturer is doing an amazing job, when we said we would like to label our Fire-fly Suspension Unit, Made in Canada. They came through with amazing colors. The steel (all tested for quality), the labour (all trained and certified), the powder coating (all done in house by a very talented guy and his team), all of this means that we are supporting the Canadian Economy.

Our labels, patches, embroidery and our deluxe bags again made in Airdrie, Alberta by some very wonderful companies. Everything we can do to provide the top notch quality, the Fire-fly team has done.

This is what it means to be a made in Canada product but it has a higher price tag. The Fire-fly team takes every care to factor in that our Fire-fly Suspension Unit needs to be affordable and our price tag reflects the care we put into our flagship product. We also offer a convenient Lay Away Plan for those that need it and at no interest charges.

We hope that you as a customer of Fire-fly Inc, will help us support Canadians and Canadian Industry by purchasing our products.

#PerformanceArt #SelfExpression #MadeInCanada

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