Fire-fly Suspension Unit Compared to the S3/Serenity

Is There a Difference In the Fire-fly Suspension Unit and Its Predecessor The Serenity/ S3?

The Fire-fly Suspension Unit is a stand-alone product that has opened so many options for fitness, healing, meditation and personal/creative growth. Our Suspension Unit is a new concept for all aerialists. It is capable of being used with aerials, silks and hammocks for dance. There is the ability to use our tripod unit with aerial lyra hoops, as well. You can find a vital aerial yoga community within Calgary and I am sure across Canada. The Fire-fly Suspension Unit is a way to enjoy your aerial yoga workout at home or outside due to its easy assembly and portability.

You may have seen the Serenity or the S3 (same unit) if you complete a Google search. We are not, the S3 nor are we affiliated with the Serenity Frame. The following are some distinct differences you will find when working with the Fire-fly Suspension Unit.

  • The ability to configure the Fire-fly in several different manners. It can be configured in 5 foot, 6.2 foot and 7.5 foot heights. You can also change its base foot print from 8 foot to 9.5 foot in diameter.

  • The Fire-fly Suspension Unit is portable, with its own carry bag that has been tested for durability.

  • The Fire-fly is made in Canada with Canadian steel and labour, we cannot verify where the S3 was made.

  • The Fire-fly Unit has a different angle on its legs to make so it is less prone to tipping; it is because of this as well that we have a larger blueprint as well.

  • The Fire-fly Unit has been verified by an Alberta licenced engineer. He has confirmed that it will safely hold 700lbs of weight. We cannot verify what the S3 can hold.

  • The Fire-fly is manufactured right here in Alberta so we can closely monitor how our units are produced as well as supporting a growing Alberta and Canadian economy.

  • We have included a support ring on the top of the Fire-fly Unit to accommodate extra support for performers on stage. Our unit can be anchored to a guide wire above the stage.

  • Our unit has also been built to accommodate rehabilitation; as such it will fit over a king sized bed and will support the 700lbs if you center the unit over the patient.

  • The Fire-fly Unit is also great for exercise with rehabilitation in mind. You can perform yoga positions with almost zero gravity on the injury using an aerial hammock or silk.

  • The fire-fly Unit has been designed as well to support cocooning meditation. This is a type of guided meditation that is done lying in an aerial yoga hammock. Our unit can accommodate a rather tall person up to 6 foot 5. ( I haven’t found anyone taller)

  • Our crown piece, or top weldment, has been made in a triangle shape to accommodate a stronger weld and force per drop load, over the cylinder shape of the S3.

  • Our Fire-fly Suspension Unit has also been granted a patient. Yes you heard that right, we have a patient as there is nothing on the market that has been so thoroughly thought out and tested.

All in all I wish there was a much better way to compare our predecessor but there is just no technical information still around for the S3 rig. Not to mention that there has been no production of them in what I have been able to estimate as roughly 5 years.

We at Fire-fly Performance Inc would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know our suspension unit and we encourage you to ask questions. We will make every effort to answer them as best we can.

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