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Hello from the “pres”. It’s kind of funny to me that I would find myself president of anything. I have spent most of my life playing music (drums, vocals) in various bands around western Canada. I have considered my career very successful having supported myself for the past 20 years doing the thing I love doing. Who can ask for more than that?

The change began I think when I started working part time for a store than called Adam and Eve's here in Calgary. My girlfriend, at the time, worked as the manager and things went along well until the owner said he wanted to sell. I, half joking said “hey baby, maybe we should buy it.” I have since learned to be careful what I say around her because she tends to make it happen. Needless to say 18 years later we find ourselves owners of The Little Shop of Pleasures Western Canada's best and most successful adult store. I can tell you we have learned a lot about managing a business in that time.

I think the adult store worked so well for me for two reasons 1. I love carnal pleasures and 2. I have been interested in kinky stuff (especially bondage) since I was young. Pertaining to that many years ago I saw a tripod stand that could be used for bondage that was collapsible and portable. However by the time I discovered this product, the company had gone out of business.

To that end Fire-Fly performance Inc. was born. We are determined to do everything right. Made with 100% Canadian steel and manufactured right here in Alberta (the other tripod was made in china) with an engineer’s stamp and rated for a drop weight of 700 pounds and a static load of 4000 plus pounds. It is also made from rust proof steel and powder coated for ultimate durability. I have got to tell you I am very proud of all the hard work we put in to make this the best portable suspension unit on the market. I may have never expected to be president of anything but I couldn't be happier or more proud to be the president of this company.

May 12 2018

Don Wilhelm


Fire-fly Performance Inc.

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