We are Certified

Fire-fly Inc is a company that works tirelessly to ensure your safety. We meet or exceed all safety regulations.

  1. Did you know we are the only Aerial Suspension Rig on the market that is patented? We are!

  2. Did you know that we are the only insured Aerial Suspension Rig on the Market? We are!

  3. Did you know we had an Outside (not from Fire-fly Inc.) Engineer evaluate the Fire-fly Aerial Suspension Rig? We did and passed!

Fire-fly Inc has also sourced aerial fabric that comes from one of the few companies that proforms a load break test with a registered UK testing facility regularly.

All of our hardware is tested and certified by the same UK company and is safety rated in both Europe and Canadian/US markets.

We also work with a fabricator for all of our steel that works in mainstream industries, with safety records, testing procedures and over a decade in business. Our aerial rig is not the only thing they make so their reputation is more above par.

**We do not put our documents on the website however they are available upon request.

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